We provide EPC services, when the solar power station is completed to build, the power station will be sold to the land or roof owner, who is the owner of the power station.

Leasing mode: We invest in solar power station with our own funds. After the power station is completed to build, we sell the power station to the investment institutions.

C&I Rooftop Solar Power Station

If you have more than 1000㎡ of roof resources, please contact us

Which roofs are suitable for PV power stations: public institutions or public places, shopping malls, supermarkets, industrial plants or industrial parks, hospitals, schools, water plants (sewage treatment or water treatment plants), new energy vehicle charging stations carport。

Land Solar Power Station

If you have more than 1 hectare (10000㎡)of land resources, please contact us

Agriculture-complementary Solar Power Station

Agriculture-complementary Solar Power Station adjusts measures to the local conditions which the original land status and landform will be maintained. It can maximize the land utilization rate and create higher economic and social benefits by combining solar power generation with cultivation and farming.